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Tasiutigiit offers a diverse range of programming including cultural workshops, information sessions, support groups, events, and activities such as picnics and family outings, as well as immersive culture camps and visits to Indigenous communities near and far. To find out more about upcoming events and programming, become a member!

Parents' Group

Tasiutigiit offers a yearly parents’ support group consisting of seven bi-weekly sessions from January to April led jointly by an Inuk facilitator and a social worker specializing in cross-cultural adoption and fostering. In this group, foster and adoptive parents of Indigenous children explore topics such as Indigenous histories and realities, attachment theory, and grief and loss. They are also introduced to tools for effective cross-cultural communication in order to support the children’s Indigenous cultural identity and to help them maintain ties with their communities of origin. The group also allows parents to hear from adult Indigenous adoptees about their journey and experiences growing up in cross-cultural homes. Contact us to learn more or to register for the next Parents’ Group session.


In the Summer of 2022, Destiny Gregoire created camp Thrive as a pilot project in partnership with Tasiutigiit, Batshaw Youth and Familiy Services, and the Montreal Indigenous Community Network. Destiny Gregoire is an Innu student at McGill University. She is currently completing her degree in social work. Having Grown up in the foster care system, Destiny wanted to create programming designed specifically for youth in care, to address their needs, and provide culturally appropriate intervention based on their unique lived experience, and in response to the lack of culturally sensitive services for Indigenous Youth in care. This Indigenous youth-lead  project is the first of its kind in Montreal, and will be continuing as a summer-long program in 2023. Stay tuned for more info for Camp Thrive in 2023. 

Culture Camps

Tasiutigiit offers several immersive cultural camps annually in various regions of Quebec. Going out onto the land provides children and youth in foster care with the opportunity to learn about Indigenous ways of life, to share country food, and to experience living on the land.

Nunavik Trips

It is essential for Indigenous children growing up outside of their communities to understand where they come from. Since a disproportionate number of children in care are Inuit from Nunavik, Tasiutigiit has made it a priority to organize regular travel opportunities to Nunavik for families who may not otherwise have the opportunity to visit.


Tasiutigiit offers a regular program of educational and cultural workshops. Even during COVID-19 lockdowns, we were able to host a variety of online workshops and events, including throat singing, bannock making, sealskin earrings beading, arctic animal drawing, storytelling, and more. We were surprised at what we were able to learn online and we were grateful to be able to continue to connect with friends and community members from near and far. We are so excited be  back to in-person programming and to be able to share cultural experiences and community face to face.

Activities and Gatherings

Several times a year, Tasiutigiit hosts family picnics and gatherings for foster families, adoptive families, and Indigenous community members to get together. Throughout the years, we have shared an annual corn roast, an annual sugar shack and countless family activities to help our families connect with one another and with. We strive to organize activities that are inclusive, accessible, and fun for the whole family.

Book Club

Every Month, Tasiutigiit parents select a book by an Indigenous author, and meet to discuss the book. The goal is to learn more about Indigenous realities and histories, while building community by spending time together. We strive to select books that will challenge our perceptions, and expose us to new ideas. This month’s book is “Live Among the Qallunaat” by Minnie Aodla Freeman. Please contact us at tasiutigiit@gmail.com if you wish to join the book club. It takes place every second Wednesday of the month. The only requirement for attending the group is having read the book. Anyone is welcome to join the club!