Tasiutigiit aims to provide foster and adoptive families of Indigenous children with access to and information about Indigenous organizations in the Montreal.


CPE Rising Sun

The Rising Sun Daycare is the only Indigenous daycare in Montreal. It has been active since 2009 in the borough of Verdun, providing cultural programming and education to children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years. Many Tasiutigiit members attend this CPE and have had excellent experiences.


Native Montreal

Native Montreal was established in 2014 with the mission to contribute to the holistic health, cultural strength and success of Indigenous families, individuals, and community living in the greater Montreal area. While there were other Indigenous organizations in the city, most were focused on the homeless or at-risk populations. Native Montreal was created to be a safe place for youth, family services and more. Native Montreal offers a summer day camp, youth and family programming including language classes, and casework for psychosocial and educational challenges. 


Native Friendship Centre

The Native Friendship Centre of Montreal (NFCM) is a non-profit, non-sectarian, autonomous community development agency whose principal mission is to promote, develop, and enhance the quality of life in the Urban Indigenous community of Montreal. The NFCM, being a part of a regional and national initiative that bridges the gap between 2 cultures, is the only service and referral point in the Greater Montreal Area dedicated to serving the Indigenous population consisting of the ten First Nations of Quebec, as well as the Inuit and Métis of Montreal. The NFCM provides a drop-in center for at-risk community members, as well as a street patrol and other community events.


SQIA- Southern Quebec Inuit Association

SQIA was created to answer the needs of the growing population of Inuit outside of Inuit Nunangat, living mostly in Montreal. SQIA is there to serve all Inuit who live outside their ancestral territories. The SQIA provides support for urban Inuit, as well as community feasts. Tasiutigiit families with Inuit children in their care are encouraged to attend SQIA events whenever possible!  

Avataq Cultural Institute

“Avataq Cultural Institute provides a strong foundation for the living culture of today’s Inuit. Since its inception in 1980, Avataq has built a solid reputation as the cultural leader for Nunavik Inuit and as an important resource for Inuit culture in Canada and beyond. Our goal is to ensure that Inuit culture and language continue to thrive into the future, so that our descendants can benefit from the rich heritage passed down to us through the wisdom of our ancestors.”


Avataq provides language programs, cultural resources, and can provide archival support for Inuit who wish to know more about their family tree. 


The Montreal Indigenous community NETWORK

The Montreal Indigenous community NETWORK supports the ecosystem of individuals and groups committed to improving the quality of life of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities living in the greater Montreal area.