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Films (kid/family friendly)

Maq and the Spirit of the Woods  

Maq and the Spirit of the Woods is the tale of Maq, a young boy who thinks he isn’t too good at anything. But eventually learns to carve a stone figure from an elder. He wants to show it off to his grandfather so he ventures through the forest to bring it to him. On his journey, he encounters a man who he believes to be a traveller. However, he eventually learns it is Mi’gmwesu, the spirit of the woods. As the journey goes on, Mi’gmwesu imparts lessons and wisdom upon Maq. 

Little Folk of the Arctic  

Little Folk of the Arctic is a short film that tells the traditional Inuit story of the little folk that live in the north. Although these folk try to hide, over time, Inuit shaman and hunters have learned more about them.  



Qalupalik is an animated short from the Nunavut Animation Lab and tells the legend of the part-human, part-sea monster, Qalupalik, who takes children who don’t listen to their parents and elders. When a young boy, Angutii, is taken, his father sets out to rescue him. 


Vistas is a series of thirteen animated short films by Indigenous directors. Two of these films offer family-friendly stories to viewers. Dancers of the Grass showcases the art and beauty of hoop dancing. Little Thunder is a humorous tale that shares the Mi’kmaq legend of the Stone Canoe.    

The Mountain of SGaana 


The Mountain of SGaana is a short film that shares in a traditional Haida fable in modern times. In the film, a young man is stolen into the spirit world and a young woman rescues him. The film features traditional Haida art. 

TV (Kid/Family Friendly)

Molly of Denali 

Molly of Denali tells the story of Alaskan Native, Molly Mabray. She’s Gwich’in, Koyukon and Dena’ina Athabascan. Molly spends her time with her friends and her dog. They fish and hunt and learn new things through her smart phone and the Internet. Beyond Molly’s day-to-day activities, the show incorporates the history of Indigenous people. It is full of learning opportunities and new perspectives for viewers.  

Ananna’s Tent  

APTN’s Ananna’s Tent is a multimedia show starring Rita Claire, also known as Inuit throat singer Riit, as she teaches viewers Inuktitut values and the Inuttitut-language. Ananna’s Tent is the main stage of the show but it branches out into different animated shorts depicting Inuit stories and lessons. The show is available in both Inuktitut and English. You can stream it on APTN Lumi. 

Amy’s Mythic Mornings

Available on APTN Lumi, this animated series follows Amy, Theodore and Casey as they imagine themselves into the rich world of Grannie Louie’s Indigenous legends. 

Wapos Bay 

APTN’s award winning series, Wapos Bay introduces three Cree children, T-Bear, Talon and Raven living in Northern Saskatchewan. Their adventures bring them closer to their community and the lessons of their culture.   

Teepee Time

Teepee Time follows an adorably animated Teepee, who learns how to do things like ride a bike, set a table, read a book and write his name for the first time. Available in English and Mi’kmaq. 


TV (Teens/ Adults)